Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“Qweshtons” from Katie

This morning, Katie showed me a bunch of questions she’s been writing on little circles of paper. She taped them together and hung them on her wall. We brought them down to the breakfast table and talked about them. Here are her questions:IMGP6960

What does Jesus do? And what does Jesus look like?IMGP6961

How do you make a cupcake? How do you plant flowers?IMGP6961a

What do germs look like? How do they float?IMGP6962

What makes chocolate donuts so good? [I love this question!]IMGP6962a

How do you make beds? [like a metal bed frame]IMGP6963

How do you make animals? Stuffed animals.IMGP6963a

I asked which one she wanted to know about first. She especially wanted to know what Jesus looks like. I pulled up some artistic images through Google, and showed her what some artists think Jesus looks like. I asked her why she wants to know what Jesus looks like, and she replied she wants to recognize Him in Heaven.

Aha! We’re going to need more than Google on this one. I started with, “The Bible tells us we’ll get a new body in Heaven.” I admitted I’m not quite sure what that means – if we’ll get a new version of the one we already have or a brand new body altogether. She wondered if we’d all be old in Heaven. We went back to what Jesus might look like and how she might recognize Him. My answer went something like this: “I think you won't even need to see Jesus with your eyes. You'll know Him because of how you feel around Him - loved and happy. Think about people you know who make you feel really special and how happy you feel around them. I think being with Jesus will be like that. And the Bible doesn't tell us everything about Heaven because I think God's trying to tell us that what Heaven looks like isn't important. What's important is who's there, especially Jesus and God. Just like where we live now. Our house isn't a home because what the walls and the floor look like. Our house is a home because of who is inside it with us: our family.”

Whew! That was some heavy thinking and ‘splaining this morning, before I even had breakfast! I’m not sure if I really answered Katie’s “qweshtons,” but she seemed pretty satisfied with the answers. Does anyone else have some insight on how I can answer these questions better?


TinkDoll said...

What an awesome girl you have. Love your blog. Keep posting.


Charity said...

Caleb asked me the other day to look up google, "why do you laugh when you are tickled?"

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

Oh how I love this....the questions (I've been getting similar ones) make me feel warm and fuzzy....so very innocent, so very curious, so very much all things light and goodness.

Give that sweet girl a hug for me!


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