Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Katie’s Valentine Gifts

Remember last year’s tissue cozy Valentines that I sewed for Katie to pass out in class? Since Katie has started her own sewing classes, this year I decided it was time for her to make her own Valentines!

She took a hair accessory class from her sewing instructor, and learned how to make headbands, hairclips and bows. One of the headbands was cute and easy, so we decided to make one for each of the girls in her class.

Here’s how one of them looks in Katie’s hair:IMGP8108

And here’s how the headband looks when it isn’t being worn:IMGP8113

All we did was take two ponytail holders and loop them together. Then we cut the ribbon into 16.5 inch lengths. Katie sewed each end of the ribbon around the ponytail holder (not through it, just around it so it’ll still be free to stretch). Then we used fabric paint to write each girls’ name on the inside of the headband. I suggested this because of a recent bout of head lice in the second grade, and because I don’t want the girls to lose their headbands. The fabric paint also gives the headband a little bit of grip on the girls’ hair.

Now I need your help: does anyone have a cute saying we can use with the headbands? Katie can make Valentine cards to attach to the headband and the cards can be punny and say something like I *hair* you’ll be my Valentine. Of course, I need a cute saying that isn’t so LAME. Any ideas? And while you’re at it, let me know if you have any cute ideas of something we can make for the boys in Katie’s class. There’s a special prize for the person with the best ideas!


Gina said...

"Heading" your way to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's "band" together and be Valentines!

No? Too lame? Huh. That's all I got.

And if the special prize is one of those headbands, I will give you some gift ideas for the boys.

Some kind of a hat?
A word search or coloring sheet?

I'll keep pondering! :)

Gina said...

I thought of another one...pencil toppers!I am sure you two crafty girls could figure out how to make a cute one.


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