Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yellow Snow (and Red and Blue and Green)

IT IS SIXTY-ONE DEGREES OUTSIDE. Yes, I typed that in all caps because I feel like SHOUTING it to the world. It has been weeks since I’ve seen my yard, after it was buried under snow and more snow. Today’s 61 degree weather makes me feel like a new woman. Woo hoo!

But before we go getting all springy and chipper, I realized I forgot to post photos from last weekend. I was so proud of my creativity and wanted to share it with you.

I helped the kids make yellow snow!

I got some spray bottles full of water and added food coloring to them. Then I set the kids loose on the driveway and let them squirt to their hearts’ desire.IMGP8240

Try it, and let me know if you do. It’s easy, cheap and gets them outside for some fresh air!IMGP8241

1 comment:

828 Miles Later said...

How long did this keep Jackson entertained? I will use this next winter with Elise.


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