Friday, January 21, 2011

Katie is Learning to Sew

For Christmas, Katie asked for a microscope, sewing lessons, and art lessons. We signed her up with a friend to take sewing lessons. (By coincidence, it turns out the instructor is the same woman who gave me lessons about two years ago!) The classes started this week, and she and her friend were ecstatic when I picked them up for class. They told me they wanted to stay “ALL NIGHT!” and sew with Miss Stephanie.

Today, Katie is home for the second snow day in a row. While Jackson napped, I let her use my no-frills sewing machine for the first time. (The machine she used at class is a Baby Lock and has all kinds of bells and whistles.) First off, she made a garland out of paper hearts. I plan to use this in decorations for a reunion party I’m having next weekend.IMGP7904

Then I pulled out some pre-assembled quilt squares I found at “My Favorite Place.” (Let’s all say it together: Leftovers!) Katie sewed them into rows, then I finished up the job by sewing the rows together. My plan is to make a small lap quilt for her. Katie has a different idea. Her friend is having a birthday party on Sunday, and Katie wants to give it to Natalie as a birthday gift. The problem is I don’t have any batting or backing so we can finish it before Sunday.IMGP7903

When Katie first used my machine, she was nervous and scared. I tried talking calmly to her at first, but that seemed to just work her up even more. So I buckled in, gave her a little more firm direction and told her to have courage. Next thing I knew, she was sewing away as if she’d been doing it all her life. The smile on her face told me she was proud of herself.

This is one of the best perks of parenting: getting a front row seat to watch a little human being find a new passion in the world.IMGP7891

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