Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Boy

I’ve had this craft on my To Do List since I first saw it last summer. And now that I finished it and realized how easy it was, I know I shouldn’t have waited!

Jackson wanted a Batman cape, so we went to Goodwill and picked out an adult-sized black shirt that cost $2. I cut it up to make the basic cape shape, then used a sleeve to make a mask for Jackson.IMGP8228

To make the lightning bolt on the back, I used a clean piece of foam from a grocery store meat pack, and cut a lightning bolt stamp from the foam. I filled in the shape a bit more, added words and then details to the mask, and that was it.IMGP8234

Doesn’t he look ferocious? Kind of like he could hug you to death. Or maybe kill you with cuteness.IMGP8231

The idea turned out so well that I dug out a shirt from my own closet it and cut it up for a girls’ cape. Katie is going to a birthday party tonight, and the birthday girl is also named Katie. So I made a cape as our gift. I hope Super Katie likes her present!IMGP8235

I’m posting these capes over at my Katie Kay Tees blog, too. (Y’all DO know I have another blog, don’t you?)

Next on my list: these adorable upcycled t-shirt dresses. I’m hoping Katie will want to do the sewing herself!


Louisa said...

What a cool idea!

828 Miles Later said...

SUPER cute (yes, pun is intended)!

Oh, and did you see any good furniture for me while at GW? ; )


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