Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homemade Books

For a second year, Jackson’s former Parent Educator invited me to be part of a Parents as Teachers open house. You already know how much I *love* to make homemade books, and what a proponent I am of the bookmaking class that our PAT program holds each year.

I got the honor of bringing all my homemade books to class to show other parents what I’ve done to help my kids love to read. This photo shows almost every single homemade book I’ve ever made.IMGP8624

Looking at all these books, it hit me that they represent my children’s lives, much like a scrapbook or baby book. My intention when I first started was to just make some books that they might like to read. Now I know it was so much more than that! These are gifts I hope my kids cherish and share with their kids one day.

See that Cariboo game in the right corner of the photo? I made a personalized version of the game for my kids. It turned out really cool. I’ll post more about it later!

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Gina said...

You'd make a fantastic speech path!


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