Friday, February 4, 2011

Boy and Girl

My count was off here and here. Yessiree, apparently I have lost even the basic function of counting. Blame it on the snow! It pains me to realize yesterday was snow day number SEVEN. Oh, lawd! How am I gonna survive the rest of winter?

Yesterday, we resorted to crafting. It helps pass the time, distracts me and the kids (I can’t easily yell when I have a sewing machine to run), and I like having something to show for the day.

I read this article in the Scholastic Parent & Child magazine, and thought the Mini Me and Friends craft looked pretty easy. I already had all of the craft supplies on hand, so I dug them out for Katie and I to use while Jackson napped. First, I drew a random gingerbread-ish body shape on white felt, then I let Katie pick buttons from my antique stash. She placed them on the eyes, nose and mouth of her mini me. We picked Jackson’s out too. Next, we cut clothing shapes out of felt and then Katie chose the hair color for her doll. Jackson’s nap ended abruptly, so I bribed Katie and promised her I’d sew her doll if she would keep Jackson occupied. (It’s a Win-Win outcome for everyone!) Here are the finished dolls:IMGP8179

When Jackson saw his guy, his astonished little voice said, “Is that for ME?!” I said yes and he grabbed it and hugged it tightly to his chest. I asked him what he was going to name his guy, and he said he didn’t want to name it. I gave lots of suggestions, but he refused to name it. For the rest of the evening, I’d say something like, “Where’s your boy?” and Jackson would go find him. At bedtime, he said, “I want to sleep with Boy.” Katie started calling her doll Girl, and that’s the way it’s been for the last 24 hours.  The names have stuck.IMGP8178

Boy and Girl are now snuggled in bed with their owners. And I’m so thankful for bedtime and melting snow!

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Louisa said...

How sweet! Isn't it nice when projects are so well loved?


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