Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lessons from Danuary

February brings an end to my long-lasting Christmas gift I gave Dan. Remember? I gave him Danuary. I promised that for the month of January, I would not use the computer when he was home (which meant evenings and weekends) AND I promised to go to bed when he did. That meant no staying up late reading blogs, answering emails, reading Facebook or just puttering around while he was already in bed.

I wasn’t completely unplugged, since I used Jackson’s naptime to check email, glance at a few blogs, and keep my online To Do List updated. But, dude! It was still hard!

I already *know* I’m attached to the computer, but I wouldn’t have classified it as an addiction. Until it was taken away from me! Then I discovered it’s infiltrated my life a lot more than I realized. I felt a little more frantic and unorganized than usual. And I really missed blogging here.

But the pros outweighed the cons. Dan and I talked last night about Danuary, and whether he enjoyed his gift. I could tell he was overwhelmingly happy with his gift, although he knows it was a sacrifice for me.

So what did we do with our extra (computer-less) time in Danuary? Dan worked on puzzles while I read the Bible to him – we are following the Essential 100 readings with some of our best friends. And we read some novels. (Out loud!) We talked about our kids and our parenting goals and our family – extended and intimate. We watched some TV together, and even rented a movie. And since we went to bed at the same time, we held each other closer and whispered our dreams and thoughts to each other.

Who wouldn’t love more of that?! I think I might continue Danuary for a little longer. I could do with less Facebook. Really, couldn’t we all? And I really don’t need to subscribe to 53 blogs. What I NEED is time to myself. And time to listen to my husband and continue this spiritual quest we’re on. I need time to sleep, which helps me keep my world balanced.

Ah, balance. That ever-elusive goal we all have! I’m gonna have to figure out a way to make Danuary last all year long, while using the computer as a tool to ENHANCE my life, not rule it.

By the way, I have two other friends who have decided to give their own versions of Danuary to their husbands. One husband will be the recipient of FebruEric. I can’t wait to hear how their gifts turn out!

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828 Miles Later said...

I am wanting to get rid of cable(once Dan comes home for good). It would save money and we would spend much needed family time together.
I feel like TV rules all of our free time. It only takes about a week or two for complete withdrawl right?!
Our friends got rid of cable because they were getting into a routine they did not like. They were spending less time together, not going on walks or talking, and life was becoming too routine for them. They do not have kids yet and I envy the fact of acknowledging that you need to make a change before things become too routine and scheduled.

I never go to bed when Dan does. Needless to say he goes to bed before 9! Come.On.Grandpa!!! I doubt we would whisper our hopes and dreams to one another but baby steps!

I was wondering what you meant on FB when you mentioned Danuary. Now I get it. I think its a good idea. You know, we were able to live without all of these gadgets before so why not now?
You could start a trend here.


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