Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days #2 and #3

Katie hasn’t been to school for a full week (defined as five full days in a row) since the week of November 15. The weeks since then were partial because of Thanksgiving or early release days or Christmas break or illness or snow. That’s NINE WEEKS STRAIGHT that she’s been home/we’ve been out of our routine.

Do you have any idea what this does to a stay-at-home mother? (Or ANY parent, for that matter!) A parent in the throes of cabin fever? Aaaargh! (Can you hear the hair ripping from my scalp?)

No, seriously. It hasn’t been THAT bad, but it has been a little tough. We’re having to get pretty creative and pull out projects that have been stashed away for a rainy/snowy/sick day. We’ve built countless forts. We’ve watched countless movies. We’ve taken up sewing. Mommy hightailed it out of town on a shopping trip. And there has been LOTS of crafting and tattling and *some* yelling. (By me. And them. And me again.)

Katie’s been reading to Jackson, playing horsey and puppy, and she likes to pretend she’s the teacher and he’s her student.IMGP7807

And at least there’s been snow to play in, and kind neighbors and husbands who will take my kids out in it so I don’t have to!IMGP7852

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Charity said...

It is freezing out there! How many of those "sack" things do you have?


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