Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks, Pillownaut!

Katie just received a special delivery from the mailman. She got a package from Heather, aka Pillownaut. When I commented on the Pillow Astronaut blog about Katie's recent fascination with space and astronauts, and bemoaned the fact that a NASA patch at a museum I attended was $9, Heather promised to send a care package to Katie with NASA items inside.
The package arrived today! At first, Katie was thrilled to have mail, and then gasped when she heard it was full of NASA items.

We dug into the box, and found a miniature astronaut and Space Shuttle, plus a patch and two big decals. There were lots of activity booklets with mazes and connect-the-dot games, plus a coloring book. She also got a shell necklace, paper soap (that was a fun little experiment in the bathroom!), and a deck of miniature cards.

The best part of the box was the REAL astronaut food. There were freeze-dried strawberries and freeze-dried ice cream. We immediately started snack time and tried the ice cream. It wasn't too bad - like a chalky marshmallow that got gooey in your mouth. Katie said, "I'm going to eat this every day!" She said the ice cream was her favorite part of the box.

What a fun, educational package! Thank you, Heather, for taking the time to send everything to our budding space enthusiast. We truly appreciate it!


Robin said...

Does she know that many of the astronauts are engineers?

LFA said...

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Cindy Link said...

Elizabeth, bring her over, we have TONS of NASA and space stuff! Ben did space and astronomy for science last year, so we have it ALL, books, toys, dvds, and yes, the space food... plus pictures and souvenirs from Kennedy Space Center, one of our best family vacations so far, I highly recommend that one.

Have fun! ; )

Michelle said...

E - if she's into space right now, you should check out Boeing here in town. I don't know what all age groups they do and whether they do only groups or if individuals can go, but they have an education center where they have space demos and astronaut food and fighter planes to see. Sounds right up her alley!


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