Saturday, May 31, 2008


It seems Jackson is having a happy episode. He's apparently so happy that he's kicking his legs again when we cuddle or hug. I love it. I pick him up, and he pumps his feet and snuggles into my shoulder. His kicking reminds me of a puppy wagging its tail. God, I pray this lasts for a while!

The kids went to Grandma and Poppy's yesterday, and spent the night. Thank God for grandparents! It gave me a few hours to run errands, and catch up on stuff at home. Dan also made the repairs to our drywall in the garage, after all the termite treatment. He worked hard putting the new drywall up, and moving the refrigerator back in place up on its little platform. (That sucker is heavy!) Then we had dinner together at St. Louis Bread Company, and took our friend Sean out to Harpo's for his birthday. It was a late night, but I got to sleep in a little today. That always helps my attitude!

When I picked the kids up at Grandma and Poppy's this morning, Jackson's face broke out in a smile when he saw me. He toddled over to me and I hugged him, and he kicked his feet. He has also laughed a bit this afternoon, which is music to my ears.

Tonight is our block party, and Dan is doing a grilling competition tomorrow. So we have a busy weekend. Thank God the rain has stopped here in St. Louis (at least for today, anyway). I mean that literally and metaphorically, of course!

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