Monday, May 26, 2008

Your Heart Fits In My Heart

I put Katie to bed tonight, and we cuddled in the dark. She showed me how she can make a heart by putting her hands together. Thumb to thumb and pointer to pointer, and curving them into a heart. I told her I can do it too, and she asked me to show her. So I did, and she made a heart with her hands and then put it up close, nestled into my hand-heart. I said, "Your heart fits in my heart" and she repeated it to me. It's true - I carry her heart in mine, and Dan's and Jackson's and all the people I love. We're all a part of each other, aren't we?

One other sweet Katie story: on Saturday morning, Katie had been playing with her cars while Jackson napped. After I finished playing with PhotoShop (see my silhouettes), I got up and walked into the living room. That sweet girl used her cars to spell out the word "DAD." Can you see it in the photo? It just makes my heart melt. She is such a thoughtful, caring kid. I am so proud of her, and love her so much!

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sheryl boerding said...

just don't forget who has helped to make Katie this person that she is...


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