Sunday, May 18, 2008

Better Than Ice Cream

Katie has had night terrors on a semi-regular basis (once a week or so) lately, but last night was the first true sleepwalking event. I was wakened by her cries at midnight, and was on my way to her room when I realized the cries weren't coming from there. Katie was standing at the bottom of the stairs, crying up to me. I rushed down and carried her up to bed, and she didn't remember any of it.

So I tucked Katie in to bed tonight, and told her she needs to sleep through the night. And if she does, we will do something really fun tomorrow. She said, "Swimming?!" I said, "No. Something you really like." She said, "Ice cream?" I said, "No, even better." She said, "Grandma's!!!"

Oh, how lucky she is to have a fun grandma and grandpa that she loves to visit. I didn't have that growing up. Both sets of grandparents lived out of state, and weren't much of the nurturing type. My dad's mom is still alive, but she was always so formal and not the cuddly type of grandma most people envision. I still call her Grandmother, because she just commands respect. She is a loving woman, but not in the typical squishy candy-bearing grandma way.

Dan's parents are different. They like to have Katie over, and insist that she spend the night. Now that Jackson is getting older, they like having him more often too. Grandma loves taking Katie to movies, and Poppy loves watching movies with her at home. They like to load her up on sugar and let her stay up late and take her to carnivals... all the things grandparents should be doing. And all the things I can't wait to do with my grandkids!

So, yes, Katie knows that Grandma's is better than ice cream. I'm glad she can count on that.

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