Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh! Mailbox Joy!

Scrappy Sue made my day!

I read in this post a few days ago that she sent packages to some “long-time blog friends.” I figured I wasn’t as long-term of a bloggy friend as some of her other buds, so I actually thought to myself, “Wah! I want a package!” And I swear I’m not making that up – not even one speck for the sake of a good post!

Imagine my absolute joy when I opened my mailbox today (in the middle of a heinous child-rearing day week) and found a package from New Zealand. I was floored! I whipped out my pocket knife (Yes, I always carry one. Is that weird?) and tore into the package right there at my mailbox. My two kids were wreaking havoc up and down our street, but I didn’t care. I HAD MAIL!

Sweet Scrappy Sue. She sent me all kinds of Kiwi love! Here’s a photo of what was inside the package (the items were all wrapped too!):IMGP6996

There are pencils, a pencil case, a calendar, a set of notecards, and a Kiwi magnet. Oh, oh! My friend Sue, you are so very kind and sweet. Thank you for the bright spot in my day! I’m sending you lots of love from across the sea! *Mwah!*


scrappysue said...

you are MOST welcome elizabeth! so glad to have made your day

Melinda said...

Hi Elizabeth...I found you via Sue's blog... I was blog hopping and I think we live very close to one another...funny how small this world really is...glad you also were a lucky recipient of happy mail from Sue.


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