Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy Gift Wrap

Carrie inspired me. Again. I read this post on Friday. On Saturday, we had three birthday presents to give to the kids of old family friends. Usually, I would default to our stash of gift bags in the basement. But since I needed to occupy Katie for an hour while Jackson napped, I got my rubber stamps out and we went to town on brown kraft paper.IMGP7094

First, we decorated this gift bag.IMGP7096

Then Katie worked diligently to make that homemade card. I love what it says on the inside: “Your wishis may come true!” She meant “may your wishes come true,” but flipped the words around so it seems like a fortune cookie prophecy.IMGP7097

We stamped the recipients’ names on the packages (using clear alphabet stamps), then used the custom rubber stamp (with Katie’s photo on it) to indicate who gave the gift.IMGP7095

I love how these gifts turned out! Thanks for the inspiration, Carrie!


Gina said...

Those turned out great!!

Scenes From The Barn Door said...

cute...very cool picture stamp of Katie


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