Friday, May 21, 2010

Finished Projects

Whew! This week has been so good for my To Do List. I was able to mark a few things off the list, such as our tree house! Like any project at our house, it still has a few more tweaks waiting for it, but it is open for business after the ladder and slide were installed. Yay! I can’t wait to hang out in it with my family. Dan and I have already been dreaming up campouts in it, reading sessions, and ways to personalize it.IMGP7133

Here’s another item checked off the list. I have been searching for a boys’ bicycle basket, but apparently only girls use them because the ones I found were pink. Jackson and I took a little trip to the Dollar Tree today and found a wire basket that I zip-tied to his handlebars. It’s perfect for toting around baseballs and all the little things he collects from the yard. Most importantly, he loves it!IMGP7160

The last project to show was a cash gift holder for a former neighbor who moved to Nebraska LONG ago. When we met her, she was 8 years old.Rachel 2001-06-02

She is graduating from high school in a week, and I am shocked. How, exactly, did ten years go by? Oh, yeah… that’s right! I spent the majority of those ten years making/raising babies! Kids are so time consuming. Ha!Rachel 2010-05 Prom

When I graduated from high school and college, I really really liked gifts of money. So these days, that’s what we give to graduates we know. I wanted to jazz the gift up a little, so I got out my stamps and followed this tutorial (which I found in a stack of magazines my friend Mary so generously passed my way!). Here’s how mine turned out:IMGP7157

I also finished a few other things like the video for Katie’s teacher AND I even mopped the floor. Look at me go! Now if I can just get to the other 98 things on my To Do List. Sheesh!


TinkDoll said...

98 other things?!?!? Awww man!!! I was going to hit you up to come finish some of mine since you were making such progress. But, if you have 98 more to go, I guess I'm on my own. :D LOL!

The tree house looks amazing!!! I wanna come play!!!

Big southern smiles!!!

MaryC said...

I KNEW you would rock those magazines! You are so talented and crafty! I'm in awe. Keep up the good work!


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