Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teacher Gift Idea

Looking for some quick and easy gift ideas for your kids’ teachers? Look no further! Thanks to my friend Carrie and her awesome idea (which I found here), these are the finished gifts that I gave to Jackson’s teachers this morning. I also gave them the mini vases of fresh roses from our garden.IMGP7080

Aren’t they cute? So affordable too. Each acrylic 4x6 frame cost $1.19 at Target. The decorative dry erase markers were $1.99 for three, also at Target. Then I printed on white cardstock at home (although colored cardstock would work well too) and embellished with the Stampin’ Up “Reason to Smile” stamp set. I stamped the horizontal flower border in yellow, then used a butterfly wing to make a green scalloped floral border at the top of the cardstock.IMGP7085

Slip the blank list into the frame, and you’re done! Here’s the one I finished for Katie’s teacher. I got the idea to spin the frame around from this blog post.IMGP7082

The teachers are also getting a few other goodies in appreciation of their hard work. One is a home movie of class photos through the year. I hope they feel appreciated because they are!

Here’s another link to a cute Post-It/frame teacher gift.


Gina said...

Super cute! I already put together L's teachers' end-of-the-year gifts, but I will remember this for Christmas for next year!

TinkDoll said...

Hi Ms. Elizabeth! I live in South Texas. (Houston-ish). It was so exciting to see your posts on my lil blog. I hope you don't mind, but I put a little shout out to you on my blog today. Take care! I'll be reading.

Scenes From The Barn Door said...

They turned out great! Very cute.

Abdul Latif said...

Super great gift i like to gift for my teacher when i need it.


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