Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Postcards We’ve Received

Since my last entry about Katie’s postcards, she has received a lot more! So many that it’s time to show you our updated map of the states where our senders live:

And that’s only the stateside postcards! Katie has received a total of 29 postcards, and five of them are from foreign countries. (Mostly New Zealand – those Kiwis sure do rock!) A large portion of the postcards are from friends of Pillownaut. A big shout out to them!

This photo shows the postcard wall in our craft room back in February. Katie enters each postcard into a log book, then we measure the distance the postcard traveled on a United States or world map.IMGP3467
Want to send a postcard to Katie? Leave a comment and I’ll privately email you our address.

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Mercedes said...

I know I don't know you, but I like to read through blogs and came upon this one and it's super fun to read through. (I hope that doesn't sound super creepy) I have lived in Alaska my whole life and would love to add Alaska to your list. my email is mercedeshughes@gmail.com


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