Friday, March 12, 2010

Purses I Made

In the midst of all this craftiness lately (more posts on that coming soon!), I came across two purses I made at least a year ago, and wanted to show them here. The first is a placemat purse. Here’s a link to a tutorial if you want to make one too, although I didn’t use this exact tutorial to make mine. I made this black one from a placemat I got at the Dollar Store, then added handles I bought at a craft store.IMGP4167

The second purse is made from a pair of jeans that Katie outgrew. I just cut off the legs, sewed the holes up and added handles. I love this one because it reminds me how little Katie used to be, and I also like having the extra jeans pockets to stash lipstick and my cell phone.IMGP4170

On a sidenote, I also wanted to make sure you click here to see a cute shirt set I made for the kids last night.

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