Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bracing for Cycle Break

I haven’t been very good about posting lately, have I? I’ve been spending Jackson’s nap time looking up crafts and projects online in preparation for Katie’s cycle break from school, which starts on Friday. If you remember, we are in a year-round school district that has school in session for nine weeks and then off for three (which we call cycle breaks). I love that school goes back in session in July, but those three week breaks can be pretty rough. The good news is that this coming cycle break is shortened to 12 days instead of 16, because of snow days. Yahoo!

I’ve compiled a list of projects Katie and I can work for the next two weeks. I thought I’d share the ideas here too.

Cycle Break Bingo – This is an idea from my friend Carrie, and Katie completed one on the fall cycle break. That link shows the bingo sheet I blogged about in the fall.
Fairies like the ones here or here.
Flower suckers like these here – but Katie had the brilliant idea of making them into shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Cute!
Spool letters – I think I’ll be the one making them to surprise Katie.
Marker and/or car caddies – another craft that will be mostly me-oriented (since it involves a machine).
Fantasy photos – oh, how I love crafts in Family Fun magazine!
A marble run on the refrigerator.
A marble maze – we already have a nail board like this, but I never thought to add marbles and turn it into a maze. Fun!
Sock bunnies – won’t these be so cute for Easter?

I’m actually looking forward to this cycle break because of all the projects we have planned, plus some other fun outings with my mom’s group. Grandma also says she wants a sleepover with the kids, which always helps break up the chaos a bit. I don’t know how many of these projects we’ll actually complete, but I’m hoping for some fun bonding with Katie. We already visited my current favorite store (Leftovers, of course!) to stock up on supplies. I’ll let you know how the projects are going!

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