Monday, March 22, 2010

Jackson on a Two-Wheeler

I apologize for not posting much lately. Having Katie home all day during Cycle Break really does take a lot out of me.

I’ve been meaning to post photos of Jackson that we took last week. He is riding a two-wheel bike (with training wheels, of course) all by himself now.IMGP4322a

His coordination never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I’m amazed that he isn’t even three yet (very close, though). He runs and kicks balls so well. When he jumps off of things, he almost always lands on his feet. It’s like he has some weird cat genes that help him land right-side up.

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Gina said...

We just got Logan a (hand-me-down) bike this weekend...just need to get the training wheels! I hope he does as well as Jackson. Looking forward to seeing you guys today!


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