Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful Tree 2009

We're six days into our annual November tradition and having fun with it so far.

Starting on November first and ending on Thanksgiving Day, Katie writes something she is thankful for on a paper leaf and then posts it on a wooden tree. At the end of the month, I save those leaves and put them in the year's scrapbook. It's been fun to look at the things she is thankful for, and also compare her developing writing and spelling skills over the last year or two.

So far this year, she is thankful for these things:
1. my mom and dad
2. anmals [animals]
3. firinds [friends]
4. my bruthr [brother]
5. pepole! [people]
6. clothes [she asked for help spelling that one]

Jackson has moved down in Katie's world. Last year, he was #2 behind "helping." This year, he has dipped to #4. But Mommy and Daddy have moved up this year! Daddy debuted at #13 last year and Mommy debuted at #15. Yay for us!

(Go here to see the list from last year.)


Mary W said...

Um....Aunt Mimi is where???

Anonymous said...

Oh! So glad I popped over...I was imagining REAL leaves you got from your yard, lol. That is absolutely ADORABLE! By Thanksgiving that little tree must be jammed packed!

And, Katie? She's a living doll.

Thanks for sharing your idea :).

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Shoot--I'm anonymous (sigh). I forgot which email I'm signed into and it won't register "me" in Blogger comments.

Yuck :).


Angie said...

Darling idea! So simple and yet profound. I love how you guys have moved up on the list - score! I'm looking for ways to teach my girls to be content and thankful for what they have... maybe this would do the trick!


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