Friday, November 13, 2009

Hannah's Turn

My 14-year-old niece, Hannah, wrote a school assignment that her teacher submitted to their local paper. I'm so proud of her and the lessons she is learning in life. This is a photo of us together at our family reunion back in July.

I'd love for you to read her story. Just click here and you'll be taken to it. Then come back and leave a comment on this blog, telling her your thoughts.


Gina said...

I can't view the link. :( And where is Leftovers???

Robin said...

Wow, very well written, I can feel the emotion. We should never forget important people in your life and should make a point of telling those people whenever we can.

I had an Uncle Jerry that was influential in my life. (The common name reminded me.) He divorced my Aunt when I was young and I lost contact with his because of that. I also wrote a paper about him when I was in high school.

Lots of years later (maybe 20) he came to visit the family. I pulled out the paper - yes I save these things- and I read it to him. He died a few years later and I found out that they read the paper at his funeral. The family had no idea where it had come from. My Aunt (his ex) recognized it and told me.

Mary Wannall said...

Hannah has enjoyed her few minutes of fame....we are hearing from lots of people in our county that read her article. I am a very proud momma and so excited for her opportunity to be "published"!

Michelle said...

What a well-written and mature article! I am very impressed with the wisdom and sentiment as well as the writing style. A good reminder for all of us to appreciate the important people in our lives and not to obsess over the "little things".


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