Thursday, November 26, 2009

One in Ten

I want to be one in ten, just like Angie Smith writes about here. She references Luke 17:19 and the ten lepers that Jesus healed. Only one of them came back to thank Him. Only one.

Do I live my life like that? Do I say thank you enough?

Monday night, I came home at 11:15 after getting the last ingredients for my Thanksgiving dish (my mom's fabulous sweet potato casserole). Before I unloaded the trunk, I stood on the driveway in the quiet. The air was cool but not cold, and the wind blew over me. I heard the tree branches rustle, and I saw my neighbors' dark houses, closed up tight. I stood there and let the breeze be a stand in for God's fingers, caressing me and soothing me. I lifted my face, closed my eyes, and let my heart sing for all the ways He fills it. Even though I was tired. And Dan already had two hours' of sleep on me. And the kids would be up early. And I worry. And I never have enough time. And I feel overwhelmed. And my heart grieves. Still.

And yet, the joy crowds out the emptiness.

I am grateful for the pain and loss and sadness. It has taught me to relish the blessings. And, oh! There are so many:

Dan. Katie. Jackson. Mary. My brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. My nieces and nephew. A roof over our heads. Food in our pantry. Best friends. Hot water. Chick-fil-A. Laughter. Satin pillowcases. Warm clothes. Literacy. Beauty. Healing. Nail polish. Turkey. Sacrifice. Favorite movies. Craftiness. Christmas cards. Computers. Music. Jesus. Building forts. Wrestling and tickling the kids. Loyal people. Passion. Windsor Crossing. Becoming adopted kids and grandkids of extended family. Amazing memories. Being able to get out of bed much easier this Thanksgiving than last year. Knowledge. Creativity. Mercy and grace.

I am one in ten. He has made me well!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

"The God of Christianity never claims to be fair. He goes beyond fair. The Bible teaches that he decided not to give us what we deserve -- that's mercy. In addition, God decided to give us exactly what we don't deserve -- we call that grace." (Andy Stanley, How Good is Good Enough?)

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