Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spreading Sunshine

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for some women I know. One friend is having surgery for her breast cancer. Another friend is saying a final goodbye to her pal who has been with her for more than a decade. And yet another friend is facing controversy at her son's wedding.

It makes me realize there are people in my life who put a brave smile on their face, even when they are hiding despairing, fragmented hearts. There's more to the story - every story - than what I take at face value.

In my small attempt to lighten their loads, I bought a $3.99 bouquet of flowers at the grocery store tonight. I intended to give them to my friend who is coming to stay with us this weekend, and then started splitting it off into 13 different bouquets. I found the little bottles at my favorite junk store (Leftovers), and the larger bunches are sitting in toothbrush holders. (A fun little trick my stepmother taught me.) I feel so frugal!

It made me happy to see these little bottles of sunshine, and I started brainstorming ways I can brighten 13 different days.

One bouquet is going on the bedside table in my guest room. For Susan. Another is going to my friend in the hospital tomorrow, to smile at her as she wakes from anesthesia. I'm going to sneak another one into Katie's room tonight, so she'll see it upon waking tomorrow morning and know that she is loved. I'm sending one to work with my husband, to give to the office secretary. And Katie can give one to her bus driver. Maybe I'll surprise some neighbors, and who knows where the others will go?

I can't erase the cancer. Or the ailing friend. Or the emotional minefield at the wedding. But I can bring a tiny bulb of beauty into someone's life tomorrow.


Sheryl said...

I think you were a success. I know Shelly loved hers and I love mine too. Thanks Elizabeth, for being the thoughtful, kind person you are!!

Gretchen said...

You always give me such great ideas! I'm sure the little rays of sunshine helped. :)


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