Saturday, October 29, 2011

929 Options

There are two things you need to know about me right off the bat: 1) I am cheap. 2) I love Christmas cards.

So here it is, not even Halloween, and I’m already working on our Christmas card. Actually, I started thinking about it last spring, when I *finally* figured out how to fold a fitted sheet. Why? Because in our annual Christmas card, I always include a top ten list of things we’ll remember about the past year. I was SO excited to finally learn how to fold a fitted sheet that I decided I wanted to include that in our top ten list.

Uh, yeah. For reals.

I used to send a Christmas letter and sometimes include a photo. In 2005, I started the Top Ten list and turned it into a photo collage postcard. I liked that because it: 1) was short and sweet (there isn’t much room on a postcard), 2) let me send more than one photo, and 3) was cheaper! (Postcard postage is cheaper than a regular letter.)

Last year, I broke from tradition a bit. I sent half of my cards as postcards, and the rest were Shutterfly photo cards. I’ve written before about Shutterfly photo books, but the cards were something I wasn’t as familiar with. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but I ended up loving the Shutterfly cards. I found a folded card like this and went to town adding photos to the front.STATIONERYCARD_FOLDED

Then I opened up the inside editing options, and it was like a whole new world to me! Shutterfly cards have the option to add text and photos inside the card as well, so I found a layout that worked and added my Top Ten with photos to illustrate the list. (If you can’t find a layout you like personally, you might get a visit from the Grinch. I just looked at the card options and there are nine hundred twenty nine options just on the page I surfed.)

I liked last year’s card so much that I’m using Shutterfly again this year. I may have started a new tradition! But I’m still not sure about adding “folded a fitted sheet” to my Top Ten list. People might think I lead a very dull life if I add that to the list!

Want some Shutterfly holiday cards for yourself ? Leave a comment by 11:59pm CST on November 6. In your comment, tell me the top three things that you’ll remember most about 2011. I’ll randomly pick one winner to receive a coupon for 25 free cards! (Open to US residents only.)


Gina said...

First of all, how'd you get picked for the giveaway? I didn't. Boo. Anyhoo.

I will remember
1. G's hot mess of a birthday party that was saved by you and reminded me of what was ACTUALLY important in life.

2. the crazy, messy, wild, awesome summer that was my first experience being a SAHM to my two boys, and left me believing that moms like you who do it all the time are superheroes

3. sitting at The Crossing the weekend before baptism, bawling my eyes out and realizing that one day (even if it wasn't the next weekend) I would absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, get baptized there.

Good ones? :)

Mercedes said...

1. My best friend and I each are now engaged to our respective amazing men.

2. I had the most amazing opportunity to chair a committee that affected 20,000 brothers of Alpha Phi Omega.

3. I learned the lesson that people won't be in our lives forever.

Jeff and Brandi said...

1) birth of our 2nd child Aiden
2) 12 weeks off with my kiddos
3) 1st trip to Myrtle beach and watching Cales eyes light up seeing the ocean for the first time!


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