Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on the Miracles

I got to spend some more time with my friend, Beth, in the hospital today. Her twin boys (the miracles I wrote about  here) were born almost four weeks ago. They were very early – only 28 weeks gestation. This is the third time I’ve visited the boys in the hospital, and I brought my camera along to document their growth.

Beth’s husband was there with the boys, too. He snuggled little Owen in his arms, and they looked so peaceful and quiet.IMGP1766-

Owen is so tiny it makes me ache just to look at him. Every maternal instinct in me cries out with the need to protect him, and he isn’t even mine!IMGP1835-

Baby Finn got his nose cannula removed yesterday, so this is the first time I’ve seen his face so clearly. Isn’t he adorable? His hair is so soft and downy, like a baby chick.IMGP1847a

I got to watch Finn nuzzle his mommy and practice the art of latching and breastfeeding. It’s amazing to me how God programmed babies to know exactly what to do when nursing.IMGP1846- 

Another friend of mine was asking about Beth and the babies’ progress, and I told her it is such a mix of emotions right now – to see these little miracles, but to also know how tenuous life really is. Their beauty is astounding, as is Beth and Sean's strength and grace. You never truly know how strong you are until you face the unimaginable. I am honored to be a witness to this family’s love!


JC's Loft said...

Tissue please...those are really good pictures E!

Gina said...

Our friends had a baby at 27 weeks and I got to see him in the hospital too. It really is amazing. B and I are always talking about the miracle of breastfeeding too!


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