Friday, September 24, 2010

Homemade Stamps

Oh, how I love reading the blog Filth Wizardry. Lindsey just rocks my socks off every time I visit her blog! I subscribe to her feed, and love her posts so much that I won’t allow myself to read her feeds until I’ve accomplished certain other things. Because once I read Lindsey’s posts, I get myself all worked into a tizzy and want to go do whatever random project she’s suggesting RIGHT NOW.

Her recent post about plasticine stamp printing gave me the same itch. But first, I had to figure out exactly what is plasticine? Lindsey is from across the pond, so she uses different terminology when she writes. I read through the comments on her post and finally figured out that plasticine is what we Americans call modeling clay.

Naturally, I didn’t have any modeling clay except some that I’ve earmarked for another project. So I hit Michael’s and bought some. I found this box, made by Sculpey, that cost $1.24.IMGP2713

Then I was at Walmart and found this kind for 92 cents. Cheap, cheap!Photo124

Oh, well. I overpaid by 32 cents. Shucks.

Yesterday, Katie and I got out the clay and searched the house for things we could use as a stamp mold. We started with toys, then Katie found baskets and coasters and Legos to use. We also used a candle from our mantle, but the clay left a slight film over it so I opted to stop using my nice candle. Here are the designs we made, which Katie labeled. I love how she is so similar to me (and my own parents!) in labeling things.IMGP2710

Next, we tried two rings ( a plastic star-shaped one and a silver one I was wearing), then we got the brilliant idea to try some leaves from the yard.IMGP2709

That led us to a production stall. In the excitement of getting outside, a piece of the patio door broke off and jammed the sliders. After a rescue mission from my neighbor, we were back in the business of making leaf prints. On the left is a leaf from our strawberry plant. On the right is a leaf from our rose bush.IMGP2705

Here is a print made from clover.IMGP2706

We also used a pewter labyrinth that I have hanging on my wall to create my favorite look of all.IMGP2703

This last print was made from one of the pewter pieces that hang above my patio door. They are handmade by my uncle, who is a pewter smith.IMGP2807

I took one of the trees and made an impression in the clay, then stamped it. Pretty cool, huh?IMGP2700

Today I got out my Stampin’ Up punch and some glue, found an empty cereal box in the recycle bin, and went about gluing the stamped pieces onto cardboard. (If only I had thought ahead and stamped directly on to cardstock yesterday. Oh, well.) I plan to use them for gift tags or maybe on handmade cards.IMGP2805

Thanks for such an inspiring idea, Lindsey!


Gina said...

You know I love that tree!!

Gretchen said...

That does look like a lot of fun! Now I have to take a run to WalMart and find some of that clay! Wonder if Dollar General has some?

Sophia said...

Thank you so much for clarifying what "plasticine" is! I suspected it was modeling clay, too, but I didn't have any on hand to try it out with.

My kids will enjoy this immensely, now that I know what it is. :)


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