Friday, September 24, 2010

Glow Bath

I saw this post on Ohdeedoh and loved it. Erica’s Bloggity Blog had the fun idea to use glow sticks in the bathtub. At dinner last night, I bribed the kids to finish their meal by promising a big surprise in the bath. They could hardly stand the suspense, and started guessing immediately.

Katie’s guess? “Oh! It’s water that turns into chocolate!” Uh, no. And eeww anyway!

Jackson’s guess was ice cream. In the tub. Hmm… not a bad idea, actually. Maybe we’ll try that another day. Next, Katie asked for TV in the tub, and I told her no way. That led to us promising her that on her tenth birthday, she can take a bath with tons of bubbles, and we’ll wheel a TV in for her to watch while she eats a big bowl of ice cream. She squealed with excitement over this idea, and made me pinky swear that I will remember to do that when she turns ten.

Anyway, back to the story. I bathed the kids then made them recite the bath time rules (no splashing, no standing up – due to our slippery bath – and no dumping water out of the tub). Then I cracked open a pack of glow sticks and let them go to town. I couldn’t get my camera to focus well in the dark, and this is the best grainy photo I can show.IMGP2793-

The kids had a blast, and the grownups got ten whole minutes to ourselves. Whee!


Gina said...

SO fun. And Katie's 10-year-old bath idea sounds glorious to me.

JC's Loft said...

What a great idea! Jake would LOVE that...hmmmm...guess I need to get some glow sticks : )

Charity said...

I'm am going to do this soon with Caleb!

{Erica} said...

So glad you enjoyed the idea. My girls never tire of this activity.


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