Monday, September 20, 2010

Bracelets for a Cause

For the last few years, Katie and our neighbors have made their own lemonade stand on our street. One year, we donated the money to a family whose baby had just died so they could help pay for expenses. More recently, we’ve donated the lemonade stand money to Living Water International. This past year, Katie and her friends also made bracelets to sell on Thanksgiving to family and friends. That money was also donated to Living Water.

This year, the plan for the lemonade stand is to combine the bracelets and refreshments. Yesterday at church, Katie showed our friend Tony one of the bracelets she made to sell. (Tony’s the go-to guy at church for Advent Conspiracy.) At first, Tony put in an order for five bracelets, then told Katie he had a better plan. He asked her to make some for him to take on a trip to El Salvador, where he’s going to help with digging water wells. He’s leaving this weekend!

Katie and I got to work immediately. While Jackson napped yesterday, I researched Spanish phrases to include with the bracelets. I consulted my neighbor, who is fluent in Spanish. We decided on the word “amado”, which means “beloved.” Katie and I made Shrinky Dink tags with amado printed on them and shaped them like water drops.IMGP2557

Then we beaded bracelets to give to Tony.IMGP2551

And to be perfectly honest, I have to admit I did the bulk of the beading. Katie ran out of patience and ended our session just selecting the beads while I strung them. But the end result is pretty cool: 18 handmade bracelets for Tony to pass out in El Salvador, along with our love and prayers!IMGP2561


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