Monday, September 20, 2010

Washing Windows

It’s Cycle Break for our school district. We have a year-round school calendar, so school starts up in July and our first three-week break starts in September. My friend Carrie gave me a great idea last year. We started a bingo game for Cycle Break. (Go to this post from a year ago and scroll down to see last year’s bingo sheet.) This year’s bingo has some of the same ideas. It includes outdoor tasks (riding her bike 10 times down the street), frivolous activities (eating a cucumber slice), and things that help around the house (sweep the patio).

On Saturday, Katie wanted to mark off a new box on her bingo sheet. She really wanted the task “play in the back yard for 30 minutes without Mommy” until she saw “clean the window on the front door.” Oh, man! She was in a tizzy to do this one. We set off with a bottle of Windex and a microfiber cloth, and I commenced to teaching my daughter how to wash windows. She loved doing the front door so much that she begged to clean the other windows. Who am I to deny such joy and happiness to my girl?IMGP2532-

I showed Katie how to clean a double-hung window by pulling the glass into the house and dropping it down to wipe it. She was amazed by this.IMGP2530-

I am so proud of her and how sparkly she made our windows! And, truly, it’s such a good thing to watch your child take pride in a job well done.


Charity said...

I love this Cycle Break Bingo idea! Since we don't have cycles with C's school, do you have any idea what we could call ours and when we could do it? Maybe during our vacations...Does she get a reward for doing all boxes or just for making a row?

Gina said...

I love the determination on her face in the first photo!

JC's Loft said...

Seeing a picture of Katie makes me miss you guys : ( I'll have to show Jake when he gets home from school!! Cute idea!

Shania said...

I would like to congratulate you for having an extraordinary daughter. I was amazed by the fact that she even volunteered on cleaning the other windows. She's really helpful in spite of her age. That's a good story to tell when Katie grows up.

Shania Fargo


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