Friday, August 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Here are some things we’ve done or made or visited or played with lately.

My kids are getting in to Legos, but I only allow Lego play time while I’m showering in the mornings. It keeps the kids occupied so I can shower in peace, and keeps the tiny little pieces contained.IMGP9925

I’ve rediscovered Shrinky Dinks. I made a Wonder Woman bracelet to wear on those days when I feel less-than-wonderful.IMGP0012

I also used Shrinky Dinks to make some photo jewelry of my kids, a keychain, and a durable tag for Katie’s doll. The tag includes our phone number in case Katie is ever separated from Alexis.IMGP0008

I got a new [used] Bible, that I am thoroughly enjoying. It is an illustrated version by calligraphist Timothy R. Botts. Trust me, I paid the used price for it – not new! It is pretty big and heavy, so I made a special space at the top of my stairs where I have started spending the first 10 minutes of every day. I open the Bible, flip the pages until I find an illustration that captures my eye, then I sort of meditate over it for a few minutes. It has really helped me start my days with more intention and it has grounded me before the morning rush begins. I know ten minutes isn’t long, but it’s WAY more than I’m used to spending in dedicated time with my Bible. In the past, I’ve spent my quiet time in journaling and reading devotions. This new Bible has inspired me to dig deeper into God’s message.IMGP0014

My friend Susan brought her kids for a visit a few weekends ago. I am lucky to have friends like her who knew me years ago and – surprisingly sometimes! – still want to be my friend.IMGP0069-

Color Me Katie gave me a great idea for snack time: marshmallow faces!IMGP0147

I found some test tube holders at Leftovers and I’m using them for vases.IMGP0407

Silly Bandz. Both of my kids love ‘em.IMGP0408

My friend Cindy found this scrappy little dude on her tire yesterday, in front of my house. I took this photo just before he pounced at my lens.IMGP0647-

80 pounds of pork butt are sitting beside me in the kitchen at this very moment, rubbed with special spices and waiting to be smoked tonight on our Steeley Pit. Dan is helping feed 400+ people at church tomorrow, so we’ll be sitting on our driveway in the heat tonight, having some adult beverages and waiting for the meat to cook. The spices are wafting through my house right now, and it’s almost overwhelming!IMGP0672

I finally decided to let myself off the hook and postpone my plans to do a full marathon in October. I am going to do the half instead, because training for the full was going to require a lot more time than I am able to give. I think I’ll get around to the full one day, when my kids are a little older and I can leave them for longer chunks of time. I agonized over the decision a bit, but once I decided on just the half, I felt a lot of relief and peace over the decision.

After almost two years of fighting it, I agreed to let my doctor put me on some new medication for my Raynaud’s Syndrome. Side effects from the meds on the first two days freaked me out (an aggressive headache and some dizziness), but I stabilized and the R.S. hasn’t affected me as badly anymore. I can go to the gym and actually have circulation in my toes AND hands when I run on the treadmill! I still have a little neuropathy in some toes, but I am thrilled with the improvement.

The Christian radio station in town is broadcasting on a new frequency and the quality is so much better that I am listening almost nonstop. I am hearing lots of new music, and my iTunes wish list is bursting at the seams now with 40 songs I want to download.

I’m starting to percolate some ideas for Christmas this year. I’m taking part in the Advent Conspiracy again. Are you? If you have any great ideas that fit the four themes of A/C, let me know: Spend Less. Give More. Worship Fully. Love All.


Gina said...

Where do you get your Shrinky Dinks and how do you make those photo keychains? I totally need one.


John said...

All great ideas, thanks for sharing them!


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