Friday, August 13, 2010

Funk Busters

I’ve been in a funk lately, and kind of for silly reasons. But I know that I can’t push those reasons away, so I wallowed in them for a few days. I did some soul-searching and questioning God about certain aspects of it. This carried on for a week, then I finally decided I needed to force myself out of the slump.

I started a list of things that really inspire me and make me feel alive, and decided to tackle a few of them in an effort to swing my funky pendulum back to feel-good.

Here’s the list of my personal Funk Busters:

1. Read a great book. Two days ago, I picked up my copy of The Shack and started reading again. This book changed my view of Jesus (and God and the Holy Spirit) from impersonal to one of companionship. In my funk, I need that reminder, so I chose this book to help me find that place again.

2. Get behind the lens of my camera and take some photos. Using my camera awakens my heart in ways that are indescribable to me. Looking through the lens helps me to figuratively and literally focus my brain and get into the Flow.

3. Help someone else. This is a no brainer, right? At least I hope you think so too! When I’m down, helping someone else makes me feel less alone. Even if it’s just paying for the person behind me in the drive through line, it still makes me feel connected to the world in a bigger way.

4. Go swimming at the gym. The rhythm of my arms pulling while my legs kick and my mouth breathes in while my nose breathes out helps clear the clutter from my mind. At the end of my swim workout, I always hook my legs on the side of the pool and let my body float in the water so the only thing poking out is my face (for breathing). I close my eyes and focus on the sound of air rushing into and out of my lungs, and I find my center again.

5. Craft something. On Tuesday, I got my stamps out and set about making covers for my fabric scrapbooks. I recently decided to stop scrapbooking. I feel like these fabric scrapbooks I’ve been making will suffice for my family and my lifestyle. I gathered them all in one spot and hung them on the wall, but they needed some extra oomph. I crafted some covers and love the end results. It’s amazing what a good craft project does for my outlook on life!IMGP0678

So, what do YOU do when you’re in a funk? How do you bust yourself out of the blues?

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