Saturday, June 5, 2010

Water Painting

This is – hands down – one of my kids’ most favorite activities of all time. We’ve been doing it since Katie was about a year or two old, and it is ALWAYS a hit with the kids who live on our street.

We keep a big crate full of paint brushes and buckets in the garage. Yesterday Katie pulled it off the shelf for the first time this season. It is stocked with buckets and cheapo brushes that you can find at the Dollar Tree.IMGP7889

Just add water, then let the kids go to town on your driveway. Yesterday, my kids took to the street because our driveway was wet from washing our car.IMGP7897

Sometimes, the kids will even paint themselves.IMGP7902

As I watched the kids paint, I heard some screeching then saw a hawk fly overhead with three or four birds chasing him. He landed on our chimney and I changed lenses on the camera then snuck over to get a photo. He saw me and flew off, but I managed to get this one photo. I didn’t realize until I downloaded the photo to my computer that the hawk has a “meal” in his claws. No wonder those other birds were chasing him!IMGP7899a

1 comment:

Gina said...

I'm going to try water painting with L again this summer. He wasn't feeling it last year.

And that poor birdy makes my heart hurt a little! :(


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