Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Log Blocks

Jackson and I went to the zoo last week with my mom’s group. We had a 45 minute session in the Zoomagination room, where there were all kinds of nature toys and role-playing stations set up for the kids. I saw these cool blocks made out of tree parts, and couldn’t wait to get home and search the Internet for some we could buy. (Sorry the photo quality isn’t so great – it’s from my phone.)Photo050

I found log blocks like these for sale by different vendors online, but I scoffed at the $50 (or more) price tag. I think it’s silly to pay so much for something I could have for FREE… well, it would be free if I just chopped down a tree in my yard and all.Log Blocks

So… what to do. Hmmm. I thought about going to our city’s mulch recycling center and finding tree parts to drag home and cut up. And then! What luck! Dan decided to trim tree branches yesterday and called me out to confirm that he didn’t trim too little or too much. I saw some nice-sized limbs that I could use. And then! Like a symphony of heavenly music, I heard the screech of a circular saw! My neighbor’s grandson was cutting boards to repair her basement, and I realized I hit the jackpot. I walked over and asked him to cut my limbs (tree limbs, ahem) into segments. He obliged and I came home with a tub o’ logs for me the kids to use in our tree house!IMGP7586

Katie wasted no time in getting her little paws on the log blocks. She puttered in the tree house, then asked me to take photos of what she built. She told me this is a church (see the logs laid on their sides like pews?) and then the jut-out to the right is the kids’ room at the back of the church.IMGP7593

Then she worked on a forest of stacked logs.IMGP7596

I love these blocks, and I love even more that they came from our own yard waste. Now I just need a few thicker logs to build platforms and bigger structures. Anyone have a tree they want to donate? Ha!

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Gina said...

Oh. My. GOSH!!!!

You KNOW I love these.


Can L and I come play? Or can I just come play? Ha!


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