Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Tree House Flag

Yes, we’re still enamored with our new tree house. We keep adding more and more fun things to it, like solar lights. Katie also made a sign to hang on the clubhouse.

Since the very first day that the kids and neighbors were allowed to play in the tree house, the kids talked about a secret password to get into it. I nixed that idea, not wanting them to start taking sides and fighting over who could use it. Their password was going to be “Girls rule” or “Boys rule,” so I suggested they create a motto instead. They didn’t know what a motto is, so I explained it to them. They quickly settled on the motto “Kids rule” and they throw it about when they are playing in the tree house.

Dan had the brilliant idea to put a flag on the tree house, and I remembered a blank banner I had in the basement that we could use. Yesterday, I got out my StazOn permanent ink pads and some Sharpies, and added the motto to the flag. Then the kids put their names and handprints on the flag.IMGP7870

I’m hoping that every time new friends come to our house to play, we can add their names to the flag too!IMGP7872

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Gina said...

I can't wait to see L's face when he sees the treehouse next week! I am tempted to show him the pics but I think I'll wait. I hope preggo brain doesn't kick in again so that I remember my camera!


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