Thursday, June 17, 2010

For My Baby

IMGP8374aOh, how I am blessed by you, Katie. You have, literally, changed my life. You have influenced my decisions, my self-worth, and you’ve reframed my life goals.

You have taught me so many good things about me, and also things that are not so good. You’ve helped me live my life more fully and more intentionally. You have called your father and I to be better people.

You connect my past to my future, as I channel my parents in me when I’m parenting you. I am learning to filter the good from the bad, trying to break the cycles of old habits while holding on to what is everlasting and true. There is a heavy burden in knowing that when I’m gone, you will be practicing what I’m teaching you now. I have a responsibility to you, but also to your children and their children.

You make me want to laugh more and to have more fun. You help me remember forgotten moments of my own childhood as I see the world through your eyes.

Your presence in my life gives me a better understanding of how God loves me.

You are irreplaceable. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I love you tremendously!

Happy 7th birthday, Peepers!


Gina said...

Happy Birthday to your big girl! Can't wait to meet her!

Brina said...

GEEZ...make me tear up!! You don't give yourself enough credit for being such a GREAT mother! Katie is growing up into a beautiful and loving person because of you!



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