Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun with Trash

When we went to City Museum in April, there was an area that Katie really liked. It had a rope swing in the middle of a kind of circus-ring-type area. There were dozens of empty containers you could stack and crash through while hanging onto the swing.IMGP5512

I got a stack of empty ice cream buckets this week at Leftovers, and the kids have recreated the City Museum fun… with the added bonus of bicycles!IMGP7756-

Katie stacked the tubs for Jackson, then directed him how to crash through them. Trust me, he only needed to be told once!IMGP7761-

Soon, there were variations in architecture too.IMGP7768

Two days later, the kids moved to the back yard and decided to crash tubs with the swing.IMGP7868

Then there was the brilliant idea of sliding into them. Woo hoo!IMGP7869


Gina said...

I literally just programmed Leftovers' info in my phone for next week so I remember to go there. L would LOVE this activity!!

Brian said...

I was searching on google for "fun with trash" and came up with this Bloggers site. I lived in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area all my life. Recently I have been interested in crafting trash into art. I started a group at Unity Church of Peace in St. Louis for this purpose. Also I created a website called and on it you will find some craft ideas for trash. I got interested in this to find a cheap way to create art. So lets find other ways to have fun with trash.


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