Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonder Woman

You turn the mundane into the heroic.

The first one up and the last one to bed.

You are the sustainer. The gatherer. The first to go last.

You are the holy vessel bringing forth God's new creations. The chosen person who feels the unborn baby inside, second in line only to God.

You are the comforter, some days flannel and ragged, but always warm and inviting.

You are beloved, even when pushed away by fierce independence.

You are the link to our pasts, the hope for our futures.

You are the diaper champ, the feeding diva, the bestower of kisses that make it all better. The one who works in tandem with the Spirit in gardening and pruning and nurturing of souls.

You, yes YOU, are heroic. The cape may be tattered, but you are a wonder. A sight to behold.

And you are loved.
esk 4/11/09


Donna said...

Elizabeth...this is beautiful. you are obviously a writer. So eloquent. And PLEASE tell me that is you in the cape. I just LOVE it!

Donna said...

Hey Elizabeth

Thanks for all your lovely comments. It's so nice to have found your blog
...thanks to my friend Michelle. My email is playing have a love/hate relationship with it. I can receive email but not send it. So after about an hour trying to respond to your thoughtful comments yesterday, i gave up and decided corresponding with you via your blog is less frustrating.

Charity said...

What is this about? The cape?


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