Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sick Day

Katie woke for a second day with this weird hacking cough. She didn't want breakfast and said her head was hurting. Her skin was warm, but no fever. She looked so miserable that I decided to keep her home with me, on the condition that she HAD to take a nap when Jackson took his.

About an hour after the school bus came and went, Katie seemed pretty much all better. She was a lagging a little, but nothing that would have kept her from school. Darn. I should have sent her. Oh, well. We snuck in some great cuddles, I got an extra long workout while she and Jackson watched Sesame Street, and we all had craft time so she could make one of her Father's Day gifts. The day was not wasted, although it was a LONG one because Dan stayed at work until 8:30.

Just when my guilt was dissipating (over keeping Katie at home), I read a story on Yahoo about a girl who is graduating and has NEVER missed a day of school since she started Kindergarten. Grrrr. I know we already blew that for Katie after having other sick days and two funeral days, but that story made my guilt flare up again. Not missing one day in 13 years? That has to mean at one point, that girl HAD to be sent to school at least a little sniffly and borderline sick. Don't y'all agree?

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Robin said...

I used to work with those people that were too "important" to take a day off of work. Give me a break!

I think a mental health day here and there is a much better policy.


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