Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Great Blogs

I've just wasted a few hours of my life by getting lost in two great blogs. My friend Charity sent them to me, and they are great.

The first is Awkward Family Photos. Scroll through all the posts, and you will snort out loud at some of them. My favorite is called Mommy-the-Pooh. It is so horrendous!

The second is called Childhood Memory Keeper. I have loved clicking on the videos and listening to old jingles and looking at prehistoric toys I used to play with. This Dancerella Doll really brought back some memories for me. I coveted this doll when I was about five years old. It was very popular and hard to find. But I was a lucky girl and my parents found one for me when my birthday rolled around. I knew about it and was so excited to open my present, but it turned out to be the black version of Dancerella. My sister tells me that my face was shocked when I opened the gift. Not that I have any problems with a black doll, y'all. It was just different than I was expecting! And as I know in person right now with my own five-year-old, little girls aren't so good at being diplomatic with their feelings. In any case, I remember playing with my Dancerella and being fascinated at how she spun on just one leg.

Go check out these sites, and leave me a comment telling me your favorite site too!

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Charity said...

I'm glad you like them! They are great, aren't they?


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