Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Take a Walk Through Bethlehem: Lyrical Christmas Countdown, Day 9

IMG_7975You know Christmas isn't meant for only December 25th, right? It isn't about staying off the naughty list or hanging tinsel. We've turned it into that, the way we sometimes take the best and brightest things of life and try to one-up and add more more more! More isn't always more, y'all.

Peel your eyes off the glittery tinsel and slow down. Walk. Breathe. Be intentional. If you let it, Christmas will last past December 25th. Do you want it to?

The lyrics for Day 9 of the Lyrical Christmas Countdown are from the song Take a Walk through Bethlehem, written by Ashley Cleveland, John Barlow Jarvis and Wally Wilson, performed by Trisha Yearwood.

{During this countdown, I'll be posting my favorite #lyrics as a way to engage my soul and slow the bustle of my heart this Advent season.}

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