Friday, December 4, 2015

I’ll Be Home for Christmas: Lyrical Christmas Countdown, Day 4

IMG_7941The lyrics for Day 4 come from a song everyone’s heard over and over through the years. It’s a song that can be somewhat tired and not one of the ones I instantly seek out when the Christmas season starts.

But when I forget the tune and think only about the words in it, I remember this song is about longing and separation. And THAT speaks to me!

I will spend the rest of my life longing for Home and the hope of being reunited with the people I’m separated from – the ones still alive and the ones who have died. At the same time, I know that Home really isn’t a place – it’s the state of my heart and whether I’ve invited the Creator of the world to live there. This year, Christmas Eve will find me… at home and at Home.

{During this countdown, I'll be posting my favorite lyrics as a way to engage my soul and slow the bustle of my heart this Advent season.}

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