Sunday, December 6, 2015

O Little Town of Bethlehem: Lyrical Christmas Countdown, Day 6

IMG_7946O Little Town of Bethlehem has a melody that makes my heart think of still, quiet moments. This is why the lyrics are some of my Christmas favorites.

Imagine the little town of Bethlehem, not knowing the day Jesus was born was THE day they had been hoping would arrive for so long. Imagine living in fear for centuries, and not seeing the wings of the Almighty unfolding at your front door to bring relief?

His feathers, right on your front steps.

Day 6 of the Lyrical Christmas Countdown is from O Little Town of Bethlehem, written by Phillips Brooks.

{During this countdown, I'll be posting my favorite #lyrics as a way to engage my soul and slow the bustle of my heart this Advent season.}

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