Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tipping the Balance, or 20/20 for Dan

A while back, I did the math and realized today marks a pretty important stage in my husband’s life. (At least, it’s important to me!)

Today marks the point where he has spent more time with me in his life than without me. He met me on September 26, 1992. He was 20 years and 19 days old. From that point until yesterday, it’s been 20 years and 19 days.

Today makes 20 years and 20 days that he has known me – or 7,325 days, to be exact. I’ve finally tipped the scale in my favor! His “midlife” with me has been reached.

I reached my “midlife” with him two years ago, so I’ve already got Dan’s imprint all over me. When we first met, we were (of course) completely different people and simply admired our differences. Sometimes we laughed about them, and sometimes our differences frustrated the fire out of each other. Today, it’s been fascinating to see how we’ve moved closer to each other on the continuum of “opposites” with which we started. I used to be lots more anal retentive, and Dan was much more laid back. I was the uptight, list keeper baby of the family. He was the mellow middle child, used to letting others have their way. These days? You should just see the Excel spreadsheets the man can create. Dang! And I wouldn’t go as far to say I am mellow, just that I’ve mellowed quite a bit.

God has used us to change each other and draw us closer to Him through our friendship. Dan has sanded off the rough edges of my personality (although I’m pretty sure I’ll never be completely smooth!), and made me a better person. Hopefully we’ll keep sanding each other in the years to come!1993-12-31 New Year's Eve - DRK & EAS

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