Monday, October 1, 2012

September in Review

To celebrate Dan’s 40th birthday, we joined his family and went to a minor league baseball game. The moments following the end of the game was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a long while. We didn’t know it was a team tradition until after we arrived at the ballpark, so it was a complete surprise to us. But it was a hoot: the crowd got to toilet-paper the stadium! I especially loved beaning my in-laws and my children with rolls of toilet paper. (Don’t worry, they got me back!)IMGP1690

At our neighborhood’s annual pool party, Jackson won a prize for best costume. But I have to say it wasn’t necessarily the costume that won: it was his awesome hula dance that he performed. (I will refrain from posting that online so I have something to surprise him with at his wedding, you know!)IMG_1462

My boss, John, makes me laugh. On a daily basis, I thank God that He paired me up with someone who has such a good heart, lots of wisdom, and the ability to make me laugh. His latest gig is taking “my” parking spot at church, or trying to block me in with his car. On this day, he parked as close as possible so I couldn’t get in my door. (A week later, my volunteers ganged up on him and tried to block his in with their cars.)IMG_1466

We also celebrated Dan’s birthday with some old friends. These are the guys Dan has known since grade school, and we have done lots of celebrating this year for everyone’s 40th. (But not mine, of course. I’m the baby of the group. Ha!)IMGP1732

Quiet time with videogames in the tree house while Dan mowed and I was working late one day._MDS0716

Oh, there was also THIS. Dan and I got to be Larry and Bob (respectively) at a VeggieTales Live! event. “Dress up in a mascot suit” has been on Dan’s Bucket List for a long time. He got to be the Easter bunny a few years back, which he really liked doing. So being Larry was extra fun. I would post photos of us being dressed in the costumes (as proof that it really is us in there), but I was asked not to ruin the “Larry and Bob magic.” So you’ll just have to trust me.IMG_1532

Jackson used chalk to write a love letter to his sister on our driveway. It made my heart melt.IMG_1540

Twenty years ago, I met my best friend and the father of my children. This is how our life looks now, and I love the “ordinary miracle” of the moments we spend together.IMG_1587

The inevitable finally happened: Jackson got on yellow at school. He was jumping off the risers in music class. But then it got worse when he colored over his teacher’s note and made it look like he was on green that day. Uh oh. He lost some marbles from his jar, had to write the broken rules ten times on a piece of paper (“I will obey my teacher” and “I will tell the truth.”) and then skip playing outside after school.IMG_1592

The last weekend of September, I had a high school friend stay with us while she attended a seminar. My neighbor’s kids offered to help my kids clean the house before my friend arrived, and I loved it. The boys did the windows, dusted, and cleaned the bathroom. The girls vacuumed upstairs and downstairs, cleaned the kitchen, and washed every single knob and handle in the house. Jackpot!IMG_1594

One last September photo to share: me and my girl being silly. Happy fall, y’all!IMG_1600

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