Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall is a Photographer’s Dream

October is a fantastic month for someone who is fascinated with God’s creation. I have felt a little parched in my soul lately, so I made a conscious effort on a few fall days to experience God’s glory.

On the first day of the month, I was rushing out to make it to a class on time and glanced out the car window to see the sun setting over my neighbor’s yard. I braked, reversed, and got out to take this photo with my phone. Superb!IMG_1603

A few days later, I took the kids with me to a nearby park and let them play in the rocky sand on the edge of a lake. They lost themselves in the busyness of digging, shoveling sand into buckets, and throwing rocks into the lake. I sat in a chair a few feet away, and used my camera to capture the moments. Even though I was technically an observer, using my camera is what I imagine blinders are like for a horse: the camera filters out the rest of the world for me, and causes me to stop getting caught up in the meaningless around me. I needed that desperately with my kids, and my trusty camera didn’t fail me that day! Here are some of my favorite images._MDS0806_MDS0883

After watching the kids throw lots of rocks into the lake’s smooth water, I asked Katie if she would throw some for me so I could capture the splashes. The challenge of focusing in the right spot (on a splash that didn’t even exist yet!) and finding the right lighting and shutter speed was really fun for me._MDS0962-2

Later in the month, I was standing with the kids at the bus stop on a Monday morning. It was the day after a big rain, and I noticed the morning sun highlighting the dew and raindrops on the beautiful leaves all around me. Once the bus took the kids to school, I got my camera and knelt down in my neighbors’ yards to study God’s masterpieces._MDS1402_MDS1379

Once I was finished, I decided to take a walk on a nearby trail so I could revel in the fall beauty. I didn’t have my nice camera with me, but used my cell phone so I could remember what a great walk I had with Jesus. At one point, I started singing out loud in worship of Him. I am not very animated in my worship at church (although I’d like to be; I’m just slow at getting out of my comfort zone), but I decided to be active in my worship on that walk, because I was all alone in the woods. I danced and spun around on the trail, singing loudly and – I’m sure – off-key. If I had been watching myself, I’m sure I would have thought I was a nut job. But since I was all alone, I decided it was okay to be undignified. You know where this story is going, don’t you? As I neared the end of the trail, I saw a woman standing near a sign and she was watching me intently. I was in mid spin, with my arms flung out in praise when I realized she saw me. But you know what? I decided I just didn’t care. I kept spinning anyway. This photo reminds me to keep spinning and whirling for Him.IMG_1726

Later that same day, I drove to find a spot for our family photos. I was enraptured by the incredible beauty of the trees and leaves, and my heart soared with each photo I took of this breathtaking land._MDS1489-

At one point, I had my zoom lens on and saw some movement in the sunshine. It was a tiny spider hanging from a thread of his web, and I tried to capture him hanging and then climbing on a branch. Those photos didn’t turn out, but in focusing on him I saw this diligent ant on a mission. I added some words to this photo because I love the way it turned out.Ants in the Pants - Buechner

I made some more photo art, and love the finished products too.Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost_MDS1537 copy

So later that day, I asked Dan to meet us at the park after work and I took our yearly family photos. I can’t decide which is my favorite!IMGP2292


I posted those photos on Facebook, and had three friends message me to ask for their own family photo shoot. I planned one with my friend Gina, but our first try got ruined by tornado sirens. Aack! We rescheduled and came out with these gems._MDS1776-3


Oh, how I love fall. It’s a rough time for me emotionally (lots of birthdays and death anniversaries for my family), but God soothes the ache in my heart with glimpses of His glory.

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I want to buy a print of the blow flower one! Seriously beautiful! Please let me know how to do it :)



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