Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes

I love costumes, even when it isn’t Halloween. So when Halloween does roll around, I love helping the kids figure out what their costumes will be. This year, I got to help theirs. Yay!

Now, let’s play the guessing game. What can you make with empty almond cans, a discarded vacuum cleaner box, brass brads, and spray paint?_MDS1661

Katie became a LEGO for Halloween!_MDS2071

It was an easy costume. Just cut head and arm holes in a box. I used empty almond cans (Katie picked out 8 at Leftovers). First I tried a glue gun to keep the cans on the box, but that didn’t work. So I cut slits in the can lids and attached the lids to the box with brass brads. I made sure to insert the brads from the inside of the box so the prongs wouldn’t snag Katie’s body while Trick-or-Treating. Then I attached the cans to the lids, and spray painted the whole thing with high gloss red paint. It really turned out well, with the added bonus of being able to wear warm clothes under it. We toyed with the idea of making her a cool mask or hat, but she like the costume just the way it was._MDS1912

Jackson’s costume started with this silly hat/wig thing we found for $5 at Walmart. This is the photo I took with my phone when we were shopping, right before we decided to buy it and build a costume around it.IMG_1697

Here’s the final product. Jackson already had ripped jeans, black Converse high tops, a white shirt, punk rocker collars (that we doubled up and used as wrist bands), and tattoo arm sleeves. All that was left to buy was the denim vest. I found a denim jacket at Goodwill for $6 and cut the sleeves off before washing it (to fray the seams). He loved being a punk rocker! The best part was hearing him describe his costume as a “pump” rocker, because he couldn’t pronounce “punk” very well._MDS2060

And, of course, I had to get in on the action. I found the cutest spider fascinator (hat) at Walmart, also for $5. I wore it to the kids’ class parties, and also when I handed out candy that night to the 86 kids who stopped by our house._MDS2059

Speaking of the class party, I planned the party for Jackson’s class and found the cutest idea on Pinterest. Like how my Jack-O-Lantern fruit cups turned out?_MDS1991

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!_MDS2085

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