Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Elastic Laces

Gotta toot my own horn here for a moment, because this may be one of my most brilliant mommy ideas.

Jackson has been wearing some shoes that he apparently outgrew. How did I learn this fact? Because his big toe started bleeding from rubbing against the inside of the front of his shoe. Yep: BIG mommy fail! So I dug through a pile of hand-me-down clothes our neighbors gifted us a while back, and found a pair of high top Chuck Taylors that are a wee bit too big. Uh oh. The other drawback is the boy cannot tie his own shoes yet. And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle before I start tying his shoes every single time we leave the house.

Necessity, being the mother of invention, gave me inspiration in the form of ELASTIC. I dug into my sewing stash and found some soft stretch elastic._MDS1195

I added it to his Chucks, and we are happy happy HAPPY!_MDS1194

I tried this with another pair of shoes, and he didn’t like that tying technique so much. I knotted the elastic inside the shoe like this:_MDS1197

But Jackson didn’t like the feel of the knots digging in the top of his feet. So I went with the looped around and knotted-in-a-circle style instead in his Chucks. Yay for healing toes and boo for bloody toes!_MDS1196


kugel206 said...
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kugel206 said...

Your son has super black chucks. :) You don't sell them ?


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