Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past weekend is permanently etched in the granite of my soul. Katie turned eight. We celebrated with friends and family for two days. Then we celebrated Dan on Father’s Day.

And then? To top it all off, we rejoiced that two prodigals have come Home.

First, Dan was baptized._GBP9051

Then our daughter, Katie. Our world is cynical and jaded when it comes to religion. But seeing the excitement and joy she has for Jesus (notice I didn’t say “religion”) lights a new flame of hope in my heart. After watching Dan’s baptism, I didn’t think my smile could get any bigger. But this photo proves me wrong!_GBP9071

I haven’t written much about it on my blog because I am respecting Dan’s privacy and his tendency to keep his emotions tucked in his heart. (The poor man tolerates my blog so well!) I will try not to embarrass him, but I have to expound a little bit on his journey.

I have been a witness to a transformation – a melting – so profound it is nothing less than a miracle. The love of my life has decided to follow the Love of my life. If you ever doubt the power of God’s presence, the redeeming love of Jesus, or the light of the Holy Spirit, bookmark this blog post and come back to look at this photo often.

I speak the truth: God is real. He is holy, worthy of adoration, alive, shockingly loving, and the BEST giver. (If you want more details on the story, I’d be happy to share them privately.)_GBP9055

To God be the glory. Thank you, Jesus, for the way you love us. Amen!

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TinkDoll said...

I have tears in my eyes. I pray that one day, I will have the joy I see in your face on these pictures. I pray that my husband will accept Jesus and follow in baptism.

God is good and I am so very happy for you.



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